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Trigger Warning: Mentioning topics such as grief, child loss, miscarriage, stillbirth, and infant loss.

Our Story


Bobby + Catherine Brignac

We are Bowie’s parents, Catherine and Bobby Brignac. We have been together since 2018. We are residents of Youngsville, Louisiana and made our first year of marriage in March 2021 (yay go us). We found out we were pregnant with Miss Bowie 4 months after our wedding and she was schedule to enter this world on my birthday March 19, 2021. Unfortunately when I was almost 32 weeks , she entered this world on January 20, 2021 born sleeping. As her parents, we want to continue parenting Bowie here on earth by bringing knowledge and awareness with any situation we have gone or may go through. We hope you all will be open and very supportive with us and help create a beautiful foundation. We are so looking forward with seeing the magic our Bowie will piece together and the new people we will come across.

The Cuddle Cot was an absolute treasure.

The fact that this was created for people to keep memories close to their heart will never be explainable.

When I gave birth to Bowie, words couldnt express the value of the additional time my husband Bobby and I were able to spend with her.

We were able to extend tight hugs, long kisses, picture taking and the best gift, TIME.


We had Bowie Nicks with us for 28 hours after birth and kept her in our room for an overnight stay in the Cuddle Cot.


We got to feel at least a little bit of what other parents get to feel with glancing over and staring at their beautiful baby. Even though we can’t physically spend more time with our girl, the Cuddle Cot gave us extended time to feel her skin, count her fingers, run our fingers through her hair(took after her daddy on this one) and compare whose features she resembled more of.


We get to go back and soak up all these memories again by looking at and cherishing pictures because of the Cuddle Cot.

The Cuddle Cot we received had just been repaired and we might have missed out on this experience. Lafayette General and Women's and Children’s normally have 2 at all times, if they are working properly.


Our goal is to supply more to these hospitals first and work our way throughout LOUISIANA and keep them on hand for all hospitals that can have them. Cuddle cots are only available to a couple 1000 hospitals in the USA.


So Help us spread awareness and raise money at our annual benefit to purchase an abundance of these.

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"An angel in the book of life wrote down my baby's birth, then wispered as she closed the book "Too beautiful for Earth."

-Author Unknown

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