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We know how important it is to create as many memories as possible with your Angel baby. We want to help the next families who will or have walked in our shoes.

Our mission for our foundation is to fill every hospital in Louisiana with an ample amount of cuddle cots and help beautiful families with fertility finances.

Our Mission

Cuddle Cots are only supplied in a couple thousand hospitals in the United States and we were fortunate enough to experience one.


Our little girl, Bowie was born sleeping on January 20, 2021. We were able to spend 28 additional hours with her after our delivery because a cuddle cot was available.

Our goal as a foundation is to have one annual benefit to raise money to supply as many hospitals we can in Louisiana. Then we hope to move on to other states and helping more families in need.

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What is a Cuddle Cot?


The Cuddle Cot truly gifts the parents with time to be able to create lasting memories and promote healthy coping that is required to heal from such a devastating event: the loss of a child


The Cuddle Cot is an in-room cooling unit that is about the size of a small humidifier. The unit is disguised inside of a bassinet or a basket. The cooling mechanism of the device slows the deterioration of body tissue and allows for the baby to appear as if they are sleeping.

If Cuddle Cots are not available, the staff will do everything in the power to make accommodations for the baby, which is placing BAGS OF ICE wrapped in towels that your Angel baby lays on.


Cuddle Cots Donated
Since 2021

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Catherine + Bobby Brignac

Hey guys, we are Bobby and Catherine Brignac from Youngsville, Louisiana. We are fun, free spirited, and the adventurous couple on the go. One of our best qualities we offer to each other and others is SUPPORT. We are open books and tend to be realistic when it comes to seeing the big picture by sharing our life experiences. By sharing our struggles with pregnancies, loss of a child, grief and  journey with fertility, we believe we can help make the path a little more comfortable for the next families.

News + Press

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Take some time out of your Friday to listen to the beautiful love story of Bowie Nicks Brignac, told by her mama, Catherine Goudeau Brignac.

In it, Catherine tells her family’s story, shares advice on taking care of yourself on those worst days, and how she shines Bowie’s light through the Rain-Bowie Foundation.

Listen to this podcast episode below

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Please send us a email if you are interested in volunteering at one of our events.

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